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    Commercial in-house vendor

    and supplier negotiation

You don't get what you deserve

You get what we negotiate

Managing your commercial expenses and vendor agreements is part of the profit process. But while you’re busy earning customers, meeting clients and overseeing employees, providers are overcharging you at every turn. Today, that’s the unfortunate cost of doing business.

At Octagon, the buck stops here

Acting as your corporate in-house negotiator, we change the way your money works for you. Whether helping you save thousands on vendors or get significantly more value at your existing rate, we ensure you trim the fat and secure the lowest rates available.

For everything you pay,

we find a way

At Octagon, we never stop looking for loopholes. Every bill is negotiable, every invoice flexible. Every time you cut a check, we help you cut back on it. Wherever money goes out, we bring some of it back in. And since nothing is off limits, you can expect us to locate and recover money in places you never thought possible

Any recurring bills – Any services you pay – Any costs you incur

  • Property & liability insurance
  • Cable & satellite service
  • Workers’ comp
  • Telecom
  • Utilities
  • Subcontractors
  • Sewer & trash
  • Security
  • Internet & phone
  • Transportation

From start to stop in 5 steps

Whether you’re looking to combine and consolidate your bills, negotiate a lower rate, find extra savings or switch to the most economical provider, Octagon handles every hassle in house. Just send us your bills, and we’ll get you started on savings:


First, we review all your monthly bills, statements & business expenses


Next, we evaluate your current situation and research other options


Then, we contact providers to negotiate & secure cheaper rates


Soon, we contact you to share our findings and gain approval


Finally, you stop overpaying—and see more money in your pocket!

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Stop overpaying. Start saving. That’s the Octagon promise.

But as a business owner, it’s equality important for you to protect the quality of the services you rely on. That’s why we are committed to maintaining the exact caliber of services and providers you currently enjoy—without compromising quality.

Best of all, savings means you can invest more, improving the quality of your entire business.

Ready to stop overpaying? Start at Octagon today!